2019 Campaign

We at the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation are so proud to be welcoming new supporters and donors.

Parents with infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units need support. With 17 different hospital and community group partners across Canada, we have selected gifts that can bring joy to them along their journey.

A $25.00 donation gives NICU parents a moment to relax and enjoy a hot beverage and snacks 

A $50.00 donation gives NICU parents a moment to relax and enjoy lunch or dinner outside the hospital.

A $75.00 donation gets everybody in the NICU cookies to share.

A $100.00 donation helps a hospital hold a special event for their NICU families.

A $200.00 donation helps a NICU family in need with their  grocery shopping.

Plus, if you’ve had family or friends go through the NICU, or if you want to show people who work there your support, this is a wonderful way to show them you care!

We say thanks for your support! All donations help make a difference.

In order to achieve our long-term goals, we welcome sponsors who wish to make regular donations. If you would like to become a major or corporate supporter of CPBF-FBPC please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director for more information at

We also welcome support via You can make a donation to honour a nurse or caregiver, or to honour the memory of someone special. You can also organize your own fundraising events.  We thank you for your support!