The Mostowy Family

Eli was born at 25 weeks weighing 1 lb 7 oz. I was devastated, as I’ve never heard a baby born this young and survive. During his NICU stay, we were constantly told he may not survive. His doctor never gave us any positive report for the first few months. We were always wondering if he will be able to fight all this. He was septic, he had pneumonia twice, a nurse accidentaly cut his finger, he developed ROP, unexplained high blood pressure, and he lost his voice due to being intubated for almost 3 months. He came home on oxygen and he just came off it a few days ago.

I truly believe he is a miracle baby and all moms out there who are experiencing the same thing need to know there is hope. It helped that the NICU at Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg were really good. They taught me everything I need to know to care for Eli. I thank all of them for caring for Eli.