Early Beginnings Book

Early Beginnings
The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation-Fondation pour Bébés Prématurés Canadiens (CPBF-FBPC) is extremely pleased to be launching their first book project. Early Beginnings is the title and it will give parents an opportunity to share their experiences of delivering and raising premature babies. These first-hand accounts will be published in concert with perspectives from healthcare professionals and leading researchers to produce a comprehensive resource for new parents.

"Giving birth prematurely can be both a terrifying and bewildering experience,". "We are confident that parents of premature babies who document their struggles and achievements will help new parents meet the challenges ahead and help them work through the challenges."

Katharina Staub, Executive Director, CPBF-FBPC

This project will

  • create awareness,
  • develop peer support,
  • offer education,
  • subsequent editions will provide funding for our National Foundation.

*All submissions will be professionally edited and designed in either a one or two page format. Authors will approve a proof copy of their story in advance of publication.

Please check out the sample flip book here.

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