Awareness Jewelry
Awareness Jewelry

CPBF-FPBC is excited to announce their new AWARENESS Jewelry line. They have partnered with momeprenuer Maki Kusano who hails from Montreal, runs her busy household of three teenage children and her 3 Pumpkin Designs jewelry business. All of her jewelry is designed and made by hand, with love by Maki herself.

Maki has a connection to CPBF-FBPC, in that she was a life-line for our board member Lisa Christie Torreggiani, in 2000, after her preterm baby Luc was born. Maki welcomed Lisa and Luc to any and all baby groups, coached her children to be loving, gentle playmates and above all provided so much kindness and support. Thank you Maki!

CPBF-FBPC and 3 Pumpkin Designs hope you like these lovely, affordable bracelets.

You can personalize them with your babies date of birth and their initials.

50% of all proceeds go to CPBF/FPBC to support our purpose.

Click on AWARENESS Jewelry to purchase and find out more.