Printables for Preemie Families and NICUs

To help you celebrate milestones with your premature baby, we have produced a selection of printable images and certificates that you can use in scrapbooks, as stroller tags, on social media, or to decorate your baby’s room. If you are a clinician and wish to adapt or co-brand any of these images for use in your hospital, please contact us at and we can send you high resolution images.

Milestone Certificates

Our babies experience so many milestones during their NICU journeys, and this series of special certificates will help you celebrate each special moment.  If you have ideas for additional certificates we could create, or if you are interested in creating a co-branded version for your NICU, please send us an email at  


NICU Birth Certificate (PDF)
First feeding certificate thumbnail First Feeding Certificate (PDF)
Full Feeds Certificate (PDF)
First time to the breast First Time to the Breast Certificate (PDF)
First Kangaroo Cuddle Certificate (PDF)
Kilo Club Certificate (PDF)
Move to Cot or Crib Certificate (PDF)
First Bath Certificate (PDF)
First Visit with Siblings Certificate (PDF)
First Visit with Grandparents Certificate (PDF)
First Time Off CPAP Certificate (PDF)
100 Days Certificate (PDF)
Road Trip Certificate (PDF)
You’re On Your Way Certificate (PDF)
First Follow-Up Visit Certificate (PDF)


World Prematurity Day Materials

These images can be used to celebrate World Prematurity Day in many ways. These images are intended for Facebook sharing and printing and for tags for strollers. These are not intended for large scale printing.


Preemie Power Facebook Images (PDF)
Superhero Flag Preemie Superhero Flag (PDF)
Preemie Power Poster (PDF)
Preemie Power Flag Preemie Power Flag (PDF)
Preemie Parent Poster (PDF)
Preemie Parent Frame (PDF)