About Us

The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation was founded by Katharina Staub, the mother of prematurely-born twins. Our team now consists of parents and clinicians, working together to improve experiences and outcomes for children born preterm.

Our Purpose

  • To support the best standards of care for premature babies.
  • To give premature babies and their families a voice across Canada.

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness across Canada by initiating, coordinating,  and supporting local and national activities such as World Prematurity Day.
  • Build public awareness of issues related to preterm birth
  • Provide information for families before, during and after preterm birth.
  • Improve access to support for families of children born preterm.
  • Improve neonatal care through education and research by providing a platform for Canada-wide activities.
  • Promote the improvement of transitional care of premature children after discharge from hospital.
  • Establish and coordinate a scientific advisory panel for interdisciplinary, experimental and clinical research to improve the care of premature newborns and their families

Participants at our first National Family Consultative Meeting share their vision for the foundation and their experiences of prematurity