The Story of Amie, Ben and Cory

1 + 1 = 3??

We lost our first child at 23 weeks, but we were determined to try and have a biological child.

We became pregnant after 3 years of progressively aggressive fertility treatments. The 6-week U/S showed twins, the 9-week U/S showed triplets... how did that happen!?!?

The Pregnancy

The pregnancy was difficult. I was taken off work at 13 weeks due to cramping and bleeding. Insomnia and nausea added to an already stressful time. We prepared ourselves for another potential loss.

Every week gave us hope.

January 25, 2013 – 27 weeks into pregnancy

3:30 am I awoke to light bleeding
6:00 Brian (husband) took me to London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC)
8:00 Sent home – cervix closed, bleeding stopped
11:30 Water broke, contractions started
12:30 pm Went back to the hospital
1:30 2cm dilated, moved to a birthing room. Steroids given.
3:30 No change, epidural ordered and done.
4:30 No change, Brian went for coffee.
5:00 Contractions progressing. Triplet A heart rate started dropping. Checked and now 8cm and a foot!! Paged Brian to get to Operating Room.
5:23 Triplet A born vaginally. Continued to monitor Triplet B + C, membranes still intact. Heart rates started to drop, decision was made to deliver by c-section
6:06 Triplet B was born
6:08 Triplet C was born
10:00 Met my babies for the first time...



Amelia Marie – "Amie"

  • Triplet A
  • 1010 g
  • 34 cm


Bennett Donovan – "Ben"

  • Triplet B
  • 1020 g
  • 36.5 cm


Cornelius Brian – "Cory"

  • Triplet C
  • 1150 g
  • 39 cm


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

4 surgeries

– 3 bowel, 1 hernia

6 septic events

– 3 NEC, 1 pneumonia, 2 unknown

1 cholestasis event

1 leg blood clot

1 cardiac arrest

1 PICC line

12 blood product transfusions


Many long lines and IV starts, x-rays, ultrasounds, bloodwork...

...and apparently our stay was fairly uneventful


Happy Homecomings...

Cory – came home April 23, 2013 – 89 days in NICU

Amie – came home April 29, 2013 – 95 days in NICU

Ben – came home June 19, 2013 – 133 days in NICU

– 11 days on Paeds

Follow-up Continued... (and still continues)

Oxygen therapy

Heparin therapy

PICC line care and bloodwork


Head molding helmets


Look at us now!

We are 10 months old (as of November 2013) and doing well!!




If it takes a village to raise a child… it must take a city to raise triplets!!

These special people have helped make our dreams come true…

Dr. Stephen Power & the Fertility Ontario team

Dr. Barbra deVrijer & the Fetal Medicine team

Dr. Shannon Arntfield & the Obstetrical team

Dr. David Lee & the NICU team at London Health Sciences Center

Our primary nurses – Cheryl, Melanie & Kathy

Our social worker – Dolores

Dr. Sharon Jones & the Pediatric Surgical team

The Ronald McDonald House